Easy Start Up! 


Tips and Hints for Professional Family Entertainers

Start with as little as $17 in balloons and a pump or $600 for a character costume and  a  newspaper ad- 

That's all you need for a minimum start up. A bag of balloons and a pump and/or a costumed character. To be certain, there are lots of other things that will help. You must know that your odds of success in business improve dramatically if you have a business plan. If you have your heart set on becoming a great clown, magician, ventriloquist, juggler, musician, puppeteer or combination of two or all of those things, you must practice. Even on this simple website, we're going to provide you with a good number of  important details to help you stay happy and profitable. Don't forget, though, that many successful people in this business have started with nothing more than a bag of balloons and a good attitude, and learned everything else along the way. 

There are few businesses that are this simple, and yet have such great potential for financial and personal reward.

We're going to focus on business activities that utilize costumed characters and balloons (the long, thin ones that are shaped by the performer), because we've never seen anything else that people seem to consistently appreciate so much in relationship to the small amount of time and money required to begin. It is certainly helpful if you have some other interest in face painting (also easy for most people to learn) or other talents and skills, but we think that these two kinds of hardware and a small amount or training can provide the fastest return.

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