Tips and Hints for Professional Family Entertainers

Newspapers Big and Small, Business Cards,
and Yellow pages when the budget allows.

Sure, word of mouth is great. If you decide that you just want a few high quality, relatively expensive shows per weekend, then the name of the game may be reducing cost. And it is easy and profitable to hand out business cards at every party. Almost without exception, though, all of the newest and largest companies place advertising consistently in one or all of the following three places. 


In some newspapers, the classified ad service section functions like the yellow pages; people expect services that advertisers will be there consistently. 

Weekly Shopper Tabloids

Almost always the best return for the money spent; The bigger the paper, the better the percentage of return. It's the right target market. A small ad often costs about $25 to $35, and may generate 15 to 25 good calls on a new ad.

Yellow pages

The yellow pages ad may not give you the same number of calls as classified ads, but they have a greater tendency to book the party on the first call. The classified ad shopper will be more likely to call competitors and check for lower rates. that's OK. You'll know that yours are about the least expensive in the area, since you are new to the business.