Booking the Party 


Tips and Hints for Professional Family Entertainers

Your first performance: How you answer the telephone. How will you answer, "What is it exactly that you do?"

This is really half of the job. Spend as much time and effort booking parties as you do performing, and you'll be successful. 

Your Script

You'll want to remember all of the features and related benefits that your parties offer, even if you have to look at your notes. The person that we know who does this best covers every activity- even those that you might take for granted, such as "and then we'll join you for cutting the cake, taking pictures, and singing happy birthday" How could it be a party without those things? The point is that she paints a picture by covering those details, so that she can help people visualize a good party with lots of activity.


It should go without saying, but if you're answering lots of calls, remember: You don't have to do your bit over the telephone, but you should sound like a fun, happy person.

If they ask for the price first, will you tell them how much you charge before you tell them what you do? Probably. If you're new to the business, your price is probably a strength. Performers with more experience might want to say something about experience and talent first. If you say nothing else but a number if they ask for a price at the beginning of the conversation, they'll be prompted to ask what you do for that amount of money, so they'll be listening when you paint that detailed picture of a fun party.