This is a great time to own your own Family
Entertainment  Business !



How you can make from $75 to $250 an hour part-time almost immediately in the family entertainment business:

With a few simple phone calls, you can easily verify that you can make extraordinary returns in a few weeks investing as little as $500 to $2500 in a few character costumes and a few simple supplies...

  • Fast Cash Return


  • Low Start Up Cost


  • Easy to Learn


  • Flexible Schedule


  • Personally Rewarding


  • Home Based


  • Compatible with Sound Business Trends


How easy is
it to begin?

 People become professional entertainers for many reasons. Some people want to be performers, and then discover that it can be financially rewarding. Others are impressed by the financial opportunity- and then find out that it's much more fun than they ever imagined. Whatever the initial motivation is, we want to show you that  family entertainment is simply a good business. With low overhead and growing demand, almost everyone makes money and enjoys many other kinds of benefits that are unique to the profession.

Character Costumes can be great sidekicks
for clowns and other family entertainers.

Many people recoup all of their investment with just four to ten birthday parties- and yet they may attend from thirty to one hundred parties a for several years before the original equipment or costumes wear out. If you make a few telephone calls in your area, you'll find that most professional entertainers charge from $75 to $250 an hour. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that there isn't necessarily a direct correlation to the talent or rehearsal required and the demand and financial reward for performing. Some performers offer services that are somewhat difficult, and yet pay very little, while others offer entertainment that is very easy to learn and teach to others, and yet they are paid very well. We'll focus on those activities that provide for the fastest cash return with the smallest investment in time and money. You may later discover that financial success can provide for a pursuit of a more challenging arts education, allow one to enjoy time to practice a particular skill, and it can finance costumes, props, and hardware for a bigger show. You'll see it doesn't require great dedication to the arts, though, to provide many services that are in the highest demand. For now, we will focus on simple activities with the greatest and most consistent demand that will provide you with the fastest cash flow.

For those of you who really care about how this business is growing in relationship to the economy as a whole, it's a good to know that this business is part of several trends such as our move to a service economy, and our tendency to stay closer to home, especially with our families, and it's a business that can make full use of the advantages of the internet. Most importantly, though, it's simple, it's fun, and it can be very financially rewarding. Click on the link to the left for more free information.