You can own an Entertainment Company!

How to Start your own Children's Birthday Party Business featuring Clowns and Character Costumes




Clowns andCharacter Costumes make it easy and fun to be in the family entertainment business!

Are you looking for a safe investment or fun part-time job? The entertainment business is a service business, a sector of our economy that is still growing. Almost all of the small investment required is secured by inventory such as character costumes that always have a cash value. It's fun, too, and pays well in only a few hours of weekend work. More free information...


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Thousands of entrepreneurs have discovered that starting a family entertainment business using mascots and character costumes can be fun and profitable. Clowns and Costumed Characters can serve at children's birthday parties, grand openings and corporate outings and events. They can make business promotions more effective, also.

Low-Cost Start up: Not only is it inexpensive to invest in costumes and the advertising necessary to begin, but the investment is secured with the inventory. It is common to hear remarks from retiring business owners such as "I can't believe how much I got for the costumes- and we used them for five years!"

This site contains dozens of tips and suggestions for activities of a family entertainment business, such as balloon twisting.

Clowns can use costumed characters as sidekicks and immediately enjoy a more professional reputation.