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Tips and Hints for Professional Family Entertainers

Paid Costumed Character Appearances

The fact of the matter is, you DON"T have to use "look-alike" characters. We have advocated the use of original characters for years for two reasons. The first is to avoid high-profile problems, and the second is that you'll want to take every chance that you get to "brand" your entertainment company. You want to promote your OWN character. they'll be more versatile, anyway, as you can work not only birthday parties, but also events that fall into many other categories, such as:

I The rehearsed appearance

a. Educational performances
  1. Drug Abuse Prevention
  2. Fire Safety Programs
  3. Nutritional Programs

 b. Birthday party entertainment
  1. Celebrity character imitation 
  2. General themed parties, such as jungle, medieval, or sports themes

 c. Other staged performances associated with special events

 d. Other media, to tell or enhance a story or to enhance product advertising

II. The simple appearance (Be careful with long-term contracts for less money, and leave birthday party times open.)

 a. Regular Doctor's office and Restaurant appearances

 b. Business special events, such as grand openings

 b. Photo opportunities

 c. Deliveries

 d. Parade and Festival appearances


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