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Tips and Hints for Professional Family Entertainers

 Mascot Character Costume Maintenance 


The simplest way to maximize the appearance of a new fur costume is to to lightly brush or comb it in the direction of the nap of the fur. Tit isn't isn't difficult to minimize the appearance of seams in your costume. Inevitably there will be areas in which the fur is bound into the seam. The fur along these lines can be gently pulled out of the seam, with out pulling it away from the fabric, by using a large needle. When the fur is not bound into the seam, the seam is virtually  invisible.


Most fur suits are made with 100% machine washable polyester. Many people believe that dry cleaning chemicals are unnecessarily harsh for the relatively loose-woven material backing. Water and detergent are no problem, but you will want to minimize abrasion. If you use  top-load machine, use the gentle cycle. You can use a front load washing machine at a laundromat, or you can pre-soak the fur for several hours in a large amount of water. Your bathtub, a child's plastic swimming pool, or (new) clean trash can will work well. You may want to occasionally add a few drops of bluing or a different mild detergent in the pre-soak cycle.

The heads and feet can be spot-cleaned with a mild upholstery cleaner. Again, if you minimize the abrasion, the materials are generally color-fast, and so most most mild detergents will not present a problem. use a soft brush or cloth to minimize the abrasion and pulling on the fur.

Common minor repairs:

Many performers carry a small reel of 12 pound fishing line and upholstery needles. You will not need to double the thread with heavyweight twine or fishing line. if you carry a neutral color, it ca be used on all costumes.

You may want to carry a small bottle of contact glue for loose boot soles or minor foam repars. A light coat of glue on each side will soften previous layers of glue and provide a stronger bond the second time. These are common materials, and they can easily be found at a large discount store such as Wal-Mart.


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